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catch a rain

November 2010

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catch a rain


I shouldn't be doing this.

I know I shouldn't be doing this.

It's late at night, I have college homework to be doing and I have to work tomorrow. 
That's not to mention a silly, country line dancing class that I'm taking with my mom. (God, save my sanity. I think I might've enjoyed it.)
But these are all excuses aren't they?

They don't tell you that I haven't kept up with all of my other journals. They don't tell that I change 'Who I Am' at a drop of a hat. And they certainly don't tell you that I've lost track of the number of 'journals' and 'myspaces' that I've had because I've lost track of the number of people that I've tried to be.

So, here I am again; making promises and commitments that I only ever half-wish to keep.

The truth about me is that I'm horribly vain and think that what I have to say actually matters. And the other truth (Because everything has two edges. I've learned this much, if nothing else.) is that I'm too afraid  and too lazy to say what I think. I don't want to fight people or make explanations.
I just want to be.

The summer won't last.

Ros: He said we can go. Cross my heart.

Guil:  But I like to know where I am. Even If I don't know where I am,  I like to know that. If we go there's no knowing.

Ros: No knowing what?

Guil: If we'll ever come back.

Ros: We don't want to come back.

Guil: That may very well be true, but do we want to go?

Ros: We'll be free.

Guil: I don't know. It's the same sky.

Ros: We've come this far. (He moves towards exit. Guil follows him.) And besides, anything could happen yet.

They go.